GS26 is a consultancy and think tank for strategic innovation: together with our clients, we go beyond the optimization of the existing. We are the right partners to identify and capture opportunities for future growth.

GS26 supports you in

  • developing growth strategies to create and conquer new markets
  • reconfiguring existing and designing new business models
  • building agile and innovative organizations and institutions
  • mastering the challenges of corporate change


is known as the company that understands business model innovation. We work with companies ranging from small startups to publicly traded multinational corporations. Our assignments range from individually designed workshops bringing "business model thinking" into organizations to a full business model innovation engagement.

  • What makes a business model powerful?
  • How can a business model be reconfigured to generate competitive advantage?
  • What can we learn from other successful business model innovators?
  • What does it take to make your company ready for business model innovation?

Are you ready?

Together with executives or entrepreneurs and their teams we envision business opportunities, create game-changing business models and shape powerful organizations.