"The future belongs to those who recognize opportunities

before they become obvious"

Oscar Wilde

GS26 works with leaders and their teams to jointly tackle innovation projects such as setting up innovation management systems, realizing new business models or developing new ventures.

Mastering these challenges requires expertise in innovation management, methodological know-how and entrepreneurial experience. This is exactly what we bring to the table as we know both the corporate and the startup world. Having extensive experience in both worlds allows us to build on the resources and power of large organizations as well as the organisational agility and speed of startups in our client projects.

Today successful innovation is not about ideas, it's about combining the best talent and know-how. GS26 draws from a strong set of partners with diverse backgrounds. We combine the expertise of innovation experts, management consultants, entrepreneurs, designers, change management experts, experienced managers, researchers and trainers. Our teams are tailored to the client's needs.